5 Day Phuket Itinerary: The Best Way To Spend 5 days in Phuket [2024]


So you’re looking for the ultimate 5 day Phuket itinerary. You’ve come to the right place!

Phuket stands out as an exceptional destination for travellers due to its diverse offerings. Renowned for its pristine beaches, such as Patong Beach and Karon Beach, the island provides a picturesque setting with crystal-clear waters and golden sands. All while being just a short trip away from other popular destinations like Phi Phi Islands or the Similan Islands.

Delving into its cultural heritage, Phuket’s Old Town showcases captivating Sino-Portuguese architecture, reflecting the island’s rich history. The culinary scene is equally enticing, with vibrant markets and street stalls offering a wide array of authentic Thai dishes.

Beyond its cultural and culinary appeal, Phuket boasts a dynamic nightlife catering to various preferences, from laid-back beach atmospheres to lively club scenes. Whether seeking adventure through water sports, indulging in luxurious resorts, or immersing in local traditions, Phuket offers a well-rounded travel experience.

The BEST time to visit Phuket is between December and March, the weather is settled and you won’t have the extreme heat the summer brings.

This Phuket itinerary discusses everything from the activities available, day trips you MUST do, how to get to Phuket, accommodation available, and much more.

How To Get To Phuket

There are three main ways you can expect to arrive in Phuket.

By Plane

You can arrive in Phuket both internationally and domestically:

International Flights: Phuket International Airport is well-connected to major international airports, making air travel a convenient option for international visitors. Airlines from various countries operate direct flights to Phuket.

Domestic Flights: For domestic travellers within Thailand, several airlines provide regular flights to Phuket from major cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Krabi.

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Phuket Airport is situated on the northern part of the island, approximately 32 kilometres from Phuket Town and about 40 kilometres from popular beach areas like Patong. The airport’s location allows convenient access to various parts of the island through taxis (Bolt and Grab work here!), buses, and private transportation services.

By Bus

Travellers in Thailand can access buses to Phuket from various locations across the country. 

The journey duration varies based on the departure point. Buses typically stop at the Phuket Bus Terminal 2, located in Phuket Town. From there, you can use local transportation or find a Grab or Bolt to reach your final destinations on the island.

It’s recommended to check the schedules and book tickets in advance, especially during peak travel times. The final stop may vary slightly depending on the bus company and the route taken, but Phuket Bus Terminal 2 is a common endpoint.

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Tip – It is another 30-minute journey from the bus terminal to Patong or longer depending on traffic. So have your taxi prepared!

By Boat

Ferries operate from locations such as Krabi, Phi Phi Islands, and Ao Nang on the mainland, providing scenic routes along the coast. 

Speedboats are another option, particularly from nearby islands and coastal towns, offering a quicker but often more expensive mode of transportation.

It’s advisable to check schedules and availability in advance, as they can be influenced by weather conditions and demand.

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Alternatively, you can book your bus or ferry tickets on arrival but they can sell out fast so why take the risk, we found this out the hard way.

How To Get Around Phuket

Phuket island is the largest island in Thailand and getting from place to place can be somewhat of a challenge so here are four of the best ways to travel around Phuket.

Rent A Motorbike Or Car

Do not rent a scooter in Phuket if you are not confident on the roads or have never ridden a bike before. They are harder than you think.

So it is time to explore Phuket but you do not know how to get around the Island. If you can ride a motorbike, this is by far the most cost-effective solution. Alternatively, if there is a group of you you can rent a car and lower the costs.

Perfect for manoeuvring through traffic, and exploring narrow pathways. Their fuel efficiency and lower rental costs contribute to their economic appeal.

Scooters offer a sense of freedom and are easy to park, making them advantageous for spontaneous exploration. 

On the other hand, cars provide comfort, safety, and ample luggage space, making them suitable for extended journeys and large groups. Despite being pricier, the convenience, weather protection, and enhanced safety may justify the additional expense for some travellers.

Bolt or Grab

Download the Bolt and Grab taxi apps.

Always check both apps before booking your taxi, Bolt tends to offer better rates over short distances but for long distances (like from the airport) Grab tends to win.

If you are part of a group getting a taxi via these apps then this can make it one of the most cost-effective solutions when travelling around the island.

Songthaews (Red Communal Taxis):

For short trips, it will certainly save you money by taking Songthaews instead of the other options already stated.

Their cost-effective fare structure suits budget-conscious travellers, while fixed routes ensure easy navigation. The communal aspect of these shared rides fosters a sense of community, making the journey not just a means of transport but an integral part of the travel experience in Thailand.


Not a form of transport I recommend.

Tuk-Tuks have a horrendous reputation in Thailand for ripping people off with their temple tours and inflated prices. If you want to take a Tuk-Tuk please agree on a price before getting in and make sure the agreement is clear between driver and traveller.

What I will say thou is, once you’ve had a few drinks and want to go to Bangla Road, the Tuk-tuks that allow you to connect your music to the vehicle can be VERY fun.

Ultimate 5 day Phuket Itinerary 

So now you know how to get about Phuket, it’s time to learn the best activities you can add to your Phuket itinerary.

I’m going to get this out of the way right at the start. Phuket is phenomenal for its nightlife so, to be honest, you can go every day to Bangla Road and have a wild time! 

Instead of saying partying every night is the answer I will tell you all about your partying options later and assume you will include them in your Phuket itinerary for days that suit you. 

Phuket Itinerary Day 1: Beach And Water Sports Day

From my experience, it’s always a good idea to have a fairly chilled day when visiting a new place so let’s start with a beach day. Phuket is known for its stunning beaches.

Drop your bags off at your accommodation, sort a method of transport out, and let’s hit the road.

Depending on where your accommodation is will affect the order you do the beaches in, you want to start at the furthest one from you and work backwards. If you’re staying near Patong Beach the order you will visit these stunning beaches is as follows:

  1. Kata Beach
  2. Karon Beach
  3. Patong Beach

Between Patong Beach and Kata Beach is a 15-minute drive approximately.

Kata Beach

To start your day at the beach a trip to Kata Beach is first on the list of Phuket beaches. So what is there you can do?

Beach Relaxation: Kata Beach is renowned for its pristine white sand and crystal clear waters, providing an ideal setting for relaxation. Visitors can unwind, soak up the sun, and enjoy the serene surroundings.

Water Sports: The beach is a hub for water sports enthusiasts. Snorkelling and scuba diving are popular due to the clear sea conditions, while surfing is a highlight, especially during the surf season from May to October.

Surfing: Kata Beach is a well-known surf spot suitable for surfers of all levels. Surf schools offer lessons for beginners, making it an excellent place to catch some waves and enjoy the thrill of surfing.

Once you’re ready to move on it’s time to make the short, 5-minute, trip to Karon Beach.

Karon Beach

Similar to Kata Karon Beach Phuket presents a versatile array of activities. The beach, with its soft sands and calm waters, is perfect for swimming and sunbathing. You can partake in various water sports such as jet-skiing and parasailing, with equipment rentals and lessons available.

A noteworthy attraction is the Karon Viewpoint, which offers panoramic vistas of the Andaman Sea. This scenic spot provides a breathtaking perspective of the coastline and is an excellent addition to your exploration of Karon Beach.

As the late afternoon approaches it’s time for your final beach.

Patong Beach

The most famous of all the beaches but, as a result, the busiest. 

Similar to before the sandy shores of Patong offer opportunities for both swimming and sunbathing. The lively beach scene makes it perfect for people-watching and soaking up the sun.

Thrill-seekers can engage in a variety of water sports, including jet-skiing, parasailing, and snorkelling. Rental services and guided experiences are readily available along the beach.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the sky transforms into a canvas of orange and pink hues, casting a serene glow over the sandy shores. It’s a tranquil and picturesque moment, perfect to end your day of activities.

Head back to your accommodation and head back out into town or rest up ready for a busy day 2.

A perfect way to start your Phuket itinerary.

Phuket Itinerary Day 2: Big Buddha, Old Phuket Town & Night Market

Whether you have a titanic hangover or you’re fresh as a daisy it’s time to wake up, eat your breakfast of choice, and head to your first destination of your Phuket itinerary, the Big Buddha.

Big Buddha

The Big Buddha in Phuket, a majestic 45-meter-tall statue, sits in Nakkerd Hills and can be seen as far away as Phuket Town or Karon Beach and offers a cultural experience. Its spiritual ambience and panoramic views of the island make it a must-visit.

While entrance is free, donations are encouraged for maintenance. The cultural and spiritual enrichment, coupled with the minimal cost, makes it a worthwhile destination for travellers seeking tranquillity and a deeper connection to Thai culture. A must for your Phuket itinerary.

When you are ready to move on from the Big Buddha you can continue your Phuket adventure with a trip to Old Phuket Town.

Old Phuket Town

Phuket’s Old Town beckons travellers with a nostalgic voyage through time, showcasing an eclectic blend of Chinese and European architecture creating a vibrant cultural heritage. The meticulously preserved buildings show tales of the island’s historical evolution, providing a visual feast for enthusiasts of architectural history.

Amidst the town, the Thai Hua Museum stands as a focal point, housed in a stunning heritage building. This museum delves into the island’s past, emphasizing the Chinese community’s pivotal role in shaping Phuket’s identity. Its exhibits, seamlessly integrated into the Old Town experience, offer a nuanced understanding of the island’s cultural tapestry.

For an immersive exploration of Phuket’s heritage, Old Town Phuket, complemented by the Thai Hua Museum, stands as an unmissable testament to the island’s rich history and great architecture. 

If you time the days right you can run between Phuket town and visit the…

Night Market

Sunday evenings transform the historic Old Town into a lively and bustling market, offering locals and tourists alike an opportunity to experience the vibrant atmosphere, sample local delicacies, and explore the diverse array of crafts and merchandise.

The market usually kicks off in the late afternoon (4:00 PM) and continues into the evening, providing a unique and immersive way to cap off the weekend in Phuket. 

The specific timing may vary, so it’s advisable to check local information or inquire locally for the most accurate details during your visit.

I would recommend going back to your accommodation and getting an early night after this because you’ll have a very early wake-up the next day for day 3 of your Phuket itinerary.

Phuket Itinerary Day 3: Similan Islands Day Trip

If you’re looking for the perfect Phuket day trip then the Similan Islands MUST be on the list.


The Similan Islands were hands down my favourite trip when I was in Southern Thailand and therefore must be on your Phuket itinerary. Phuket has a tropical climate and it certainly is replicated on your journey to the Similan Islands. 

So what you can expect from this day trip from Phuket:

  • Early pick-up departing from Phuket to Similan ranges from 6:00 AM – 7:40 AM.
  • Arrive at the Port eat a buffet-style breakfast and receive a safety briefing.
  • Hop on a first-class speedboat for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to your first destination. 
  • First, Donald Duck Bay, Island Number 8 (Hike to the Sail-Rock or spend time at the white sandy beach)
  • Second,  Ba Ngu Island, Island Number 9 (Snorkelling).
  • Third, Payu Island, Island Number 7 (Snorkelling – Sea Turtles and Nemo (Clownfish) often spotted here).
  • Thai lunch buffet at Miang Island, Island Number 4 (2 Beaches – Honeymoon Bay and Princess Bay)
  • Speedboat back to the pier for after snacks.
  • Transfer back to Phuket.


By the end of this day, you are going to be shattered but trust me it is more than worth it!

There are a few companies who run the Similan Islands trip so make sure to pre-book in advance you do not want to miss out:

Love Andaman (who I booked with)

Siam Adventure World Day Tour

Oh-Hoo Day Tour

Phuket Itinerary Day 4: Phang Nga Bay And James Bond Island

For the penultimate day, take a day trip to Phang Nga Bay and James Bond Island, again essential when drafting a Phuket itinerary.

Embarking on the Phang Nga Bay and James Bond Island day tour from Phuket offers a mesmerizing blend of natural beauty and cultural exploration.

This captivating journey takes you through the stunning limestone cliffs and emerald-green waters of Phang Nga Bay, providing a thing of beauty for nature enthusiasts. The iconic James Bond Island, featured in “The Man with the Golden Gun,” adds a touch of cinematic allure to the experience.

Delve into the enchanting sea caves and hidden lagoons by canoe, allowing an up-close encounter with the bay’s unique geological formations. Witness the vibrant local life at the floating fishing village of Koh Panyee, immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of Thai maritime culture.

This day tour combines adventure and relaxation, offering opportunities for snorkelling in crystal-clear waters and the calmness of pristine beaches. The professionally guided tour ensures a seamless and informative exploration, providing insights into the region’s history and ecology.

Phang Nga Bay is one of Thailand’s most popular destinations so make sure you book before you go to avoid disappointment!

Several shared tours run from Phuket but these are the ones I would recommend: 

Phang Nga Bay: Early Bird James Bond & Beyond Tour

Phuket: James Bond Island Day Trip by Speed Boat with Lunch

Alternatively, if you want to book a private tour for a more personalised experience I would recommend:

James Bond Island Private Boat Tour

Phuket Itinerary Day 5:

For your final day in Phuket, I think it is right you blend relaxation with a seriously fun activity. So to start, head on over to the Andamanda Water Park.

Andamanda Water Park in Phuket offers a captivating blend of thrilling water attractions and serene landscapes, making it an ideal destination for travellers seeking both excitement and relaxation.

Nestled amidst lush greenery, the park features an array of exhilarating water slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers, catering to diverse preferences. Visitors can indulge in family-friendly activities or unwind in the tranquil surroundings, creating a well-rounded experience.

The park’s commitment to safety and cleanliness enhances the overall enjoyment. With its diverse offerings and beautiful setting, Andamanda Water Park provides a memorable escape for travellers seeking aquatic adventures and a respite from the ordinary.

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Once you’re done at the water park and the evening approaches head back towards your accommodation get a traditional Thai massage and relax before you leave Phuket.


Get yourself back down Bangla Road for your last night of fun haha.

Other Activities In Phuket

There are many things to do in Phuket so it is not possible to fit them all into your Phuket itinerary. If you want to replace some of the activities I have recommended for your Phuket itinerary with some new ones I will show you below, you are more than welcome to!

Phuket Nightlife 

My gosh the nightlife.

Just gives you the best time. A Phuket itinerary wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the nightlife.

With bars down almost any road you go down everything is geared towards heading to Bangla Road by the end of the night. The walk down Bangla Road can be overwhelming for some people as it is so SO busy with bar workers trying to tempt you into their bars. One minute you’re at the start of watching a man shave Mo Salah into his head.

 The next you’ve been lured down a side street to hit a nail into a piece of wood or play dice cup (honestly is so much fun).

Finally, you head to the best Phuket nightclub, Illuzion, the 13th best nightclub in the world! Drinks are expensive here so make sure you have got to a nice level at pre-drinks. Party the night away to the early hours of the morning admiring the live shows happening around you.

If you want a laugh and a memory you’ll never forget go to the ping pong show, they’ll try and overcharge you for your first drink so haggle down, we got it to 500 baht from 900 and watched the show develop (500 baht includes entry and first drink). Am I scarred Maybe but I am glad I went haha.

Find the Chicago Club (under Illuzion) for the ping pong show!

Escorts will line the street at night time so be careful!

ATV Tour

The ATV Mangrove Jungle in Phuket stands as an ideal escapade for those seeking an adrenaline rush intertwined with an appreciation for the mesmerising natural surroundings.

Embarking on the ATV expedition in Phuket promises an electrifying journey through untamed terrain. The thrill lies in manoeuvring the powerful all-terrain vehicles across a variety of landscapes, from muddy trails to challenging slopes, providing an adrenaline-pumping experience for adventure enthusiasts.

The unpredictable twists and turns of the mangrove trails keep you on the edge of your seat, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation with every twist in the path. 

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Phi Phi Islands Day Tour

Another popular day trip, I went to Koh Phi Phi and stayed for for than one day but if you only have one day what can you expect from the day tour?

The day trip to Phi Phi commencing at Maya Bay, famed for its appearance in “The Beach,” you indulge in the pristine surroundings. Maya Bay has a beautiful beach but you are not allowed to enter the water here to protect the coral reefs.

Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le provide further discovery opportunities, including snorkelling amid diverse marine life.

Monkey Beach adds a unique touch to the itinerary, allowing visitors to witness playful monkeys in their natural habitat. This engaging experience offers a glimpse into the region’s rich biodiversity. Bamboo Island, known for its tranquil setting, contributes to the overall serenity of the journey.

The tour includes a buffet lunch, featuring an array of local and international dishes, providing a delightful culinary experience. With convenient transportation, knowledgeable guides, and snorkelling gear included, this excursion ensures a well-rounded adventure through some of Thailand’s most beautiful islands.

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Phuket Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Tour

Far from Phuket, this ethical sanctuary prioritises the well-being of these majestic creatures, offering you the chance to observe them in a natural environment. 

Activities often include feeding the elephants, allowing you to connect with these gentle giants and learn about their dietary needs.

Additionally, there’s the opportunity to interact with the elephants through gentle touch walking alongside them and observation, fostering a deeper understanding of their behaviour. The sanctuary typically provides insights into the elephants’ rescue stories and the conservation efforts in place.

The tour promotes ethical tourism by discouraging activities like riding, ensuring a more compassionate and educational experience for participants. Overall, it’s a chance to appreciate and support the ethical treatment of elephants in a responsible tourism setting.

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Thai Cooking Class

Beyond the renowned tourist attractions, this experience delves into the heart of Thai cuisine.

The carefully curated class, often commencing with a market tour, acquaints participants with locally sourced ingredients, unravelling the secrets of Thai flavours. The hands-on cooking class, guided by skilled instructors, ensures a genuine immersion into the intricacies of Thai cuisine.

Make sure to taste the delicious food you have created once all is done

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Where To Stay In Phuket

It’s important to make sure the accommodation you select is perfect to meet your needs. Below you will find my recommendations for budget, mid-priced, and luxury options.

Black Pantera Hostel (Budget) – 

If you’re seeking affordability and a vibrant atmosphere you should consider staying at the budget-friendly Black Pantera Hostel in Phuket. With its strategic location, the hostel provides easy access to popular attractions. 

The dormitory-style accommodations foster a sense of community, making it an ideal choice for solo travellers or those looking to connect with fellow explorers.

The hostel’s commitment to cleanliness, coupled with its wallet-friendly rates, makes it a practical choice for budget-conscious individuals without compromising comfort or memorable experiences.

Book a Bed Poshtel (Budget)

Those seeking economical yet comfortable accommodations in Phuket Old Town should consider Book a Bed Poshtel. Nestled in a historic area, it offers a unique blend of affordability and quality. The poshtel’s strategic location provides easy access to cultural sites and local attractions.

With dormitory-style rooms and shared facilities, it fosters a social atmosphere ideal for meeting fellow travellers. The vibrant ambiance, coupled with cost-effectiveness, makes Book a Bed Poshtel a compelling choice for budget-conscious individuals seeking an authentic experience in Phuket Old Town.

This accommodation is tailored more for travellers who want a less chaotic, relaxed time where you can mind your own business, to find out more click below.

Amalthea Hotel (Mid-Priced)

Amalthea Hotel in Phuket is a fantastic place for travellers.

It’s like a mix of luxury and peace, perfect for people who want a fancy yet relaxing stay.

The hotel is in a beautiful spot with awesome views of the Andaman Sea. The rooms are stylish, with a touch of Thai design.

Foodies will love the variety of restaurants. Plus, there’s a spa and gym for chilling or working out.

Amalthea Hotel is all about making your stay special with excellent service. If you want a blend of class and comfort in Phuket, this hotel is the way to go.

Blu Monkey Hub and Hotel Phuket – SHA Extra Plus (Mid-Priced)

Blu Monkey Hub and Hotel in Phuket is a cool spot for travellers. It’s got this awesome vibe that’s both laid-back and trendy.

The hotel has this SHA Extra Plus thing, which means it’s upping the game in health and safety. So, you get a chill place that’s also super safe. 

The rooms are well-designed and neat and the hotel’s got a artistic feel to it. If you’re into exploring, it’s close to some of the activities already discussed.

 Overall, Blu Monkey is a solid choice if you want a hip and safe stay in Phuket. Cool vibes, good times.

Patongtower Duplex Seaview (Luxury)

If you’re after a real gem in Phuket, Patongtower Duplex Seaview is the deal.

Picture this: a cosy place with a killer view. Yep, you’re getting a double-decker style setup – more space, more fun. And oh, that view! It’s like waking up to a postcard of the sea.

Plus, you’re in the heart of Patong, so the action is right at your doorstep. The accommodation is comfy, and it’s got that local charm.

For me, it’s like having your own stylish pad with a front-row seat to the sea. One of the best places you can stay!

Hotel Verdigris (Luxury)

Hotel Verdigris in Phuket is like finding a hidden oasis.

It’s got this calming vibe that hits you as soon as you step in. The design is sleek, modern, and oh-so-inviting. Think chic without being too flashy.

The rooms? Total comfort zones. You’ll probably want to bring that book you’ve been meaning to read and just chill.

The hotel’s got this serene atmosphere, perfect for a getaway.

And if you’re a foodie, the on-site dining is a treat.

For me, Hotel Verdigris is like a stylish escape – modern elegance in a tropical paradise. A solid pick for a laid-back and classy stay.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it your Phuket Itinerary.

It’s key to remember you can quite easily get lost in the sauce and spend 5 days in Phuket purely partying and wasting away the days, don’t be that guy, get the best of both worlds!

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand there are bound to be plenty of activities to do there! All Phuket tours to neighbouring places are key to formulating the ultimate Phuket itinerary. 

I have visited Phuket a few times now and I must say with my knowledge of the area this is the perfect Phuket itinerary.