Work With Alex

Ever wanted to reach a audience of fellow travel lovers from all over the world?

Ever wanted to learn ways to make money while you travel?

This blog is tailored for those who want to live life to the fullest and ensure they have the best possible travel experiences. Those who consume the blog content LOVE to travel and are usually – curious, open-minded, and actively seeking new adventures.

For some examples of how we can be a team, read on, and email me at for more information

Ways To Work With Me

There are several ways we can work together including (more details below):

  1. Sponsorships/Partnerships
  2. Reviews/Affiliate
  3. Consultancy


I will write a post directly about your product/service and, if necessary, post it to my social media channels too (contact me for rates). Posts must be within the context of the blog and I am happy to have a discussion beforehand, email me and lets get the ball rolling on our partnership!


I offer in-depth reviews for all travel related products and services that share a similar identity to my blog. I am willing to review and partner up with various travel brands if it means my audiences travelling experiences will be enhanced.

If you have a product/service that fits the blog ethos and you wish to share with us a affiliate link we do not already have, please get in touch so we can discuss rates and how the programme works.


If travel blogging and content creation interests you then request a meeting to gain specialised advice on how to achieve your goals. Ask questions to dip into the knowledge of how I got into the industry and the path I took in order to get to where I am today.

If you have any other suggestions about ways we can work together please feel free to contact me using the form to your right hand side. If I feel that you are offering a viable solution I will look to contact you back as soon as possible!