3 Best Koh Samui Zipline Adventures In 2024


Koh Samui, an island in Thailand, is renowned for its pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, lush tropical landscapes, and cultural attractions. 


Have you ever considered that this island in Southern Thailand can offer you an adrenaline pumping thrill through the best Koh Samui Ziplines.

The ziplining experience in Koh Samui combines adrenaline-fueled excitement with breathtaking natural beauty. As you soar above the jungle treetops, the panoramic views of pristine beaches, dense foliage, and azure waters create an immersive tapestry of sensory delight.

The ziplining courses in Koh Samui cater to various skill levels, ensuring both novices and seasoned thrill-seekers can partake in this unforgettable escapade.

It should be noted the best zipline adventures are in Chiang Mai so if you want the best thrill possible head to Northern Thailand. If this isn’t an option let’s fly into the best Koh Samui zipline options for you!

What Are The Best Koh Samui Zipline Adventures

If you’re looking for the best Koh Samui Zipline adventures then consider the 3 options on this list.

Like I said earlier, the best zipline adventures are in Chiang Mai, so the options down south are more limited, but if I were to choose a zipline down south it would be one of these 3 packages.

1. Tree Bridge Zipline and Café with Oh-Hoo

Tree Bridge Zipline and Café experience offered on GetYourGuide is an adventurous and scenic journey that combines the thrill of a zipline adventure with the tranquillity of a visit to a charming café. Set amidst the untouched jungle and the mesmerising Tan Rua waterfall, this adventure beckons thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike.

The adventure begins with a journey to the zipline location, where participants are equipped with the necessary safety gear and briefed on the guidelines for a safe and enjoyable experience.

The Tree Bridge Zipline offers a unique perspective of the tropical canopy, allowing participants to soar through the treetops and take in the amazing views of the landscape below, including the concealed waterfall!

The zipline course typically includes multiple lines of varying lengths and heights, adding an element of excitement and variety to the experience. Safety is a top priority, with highly trained guides overseeing the activity and ensuring that participants are secure throughout the adventure.

After the exhilarating zipline experience, you have the opportunity to unwind at the on-site café. This provides a welcome contrast to the adrenaline-pumping activity, allowing you to relax and savour refreshments in a tranquil setting.

The café may offer a selection of local and international snacks and beverages, providing a delightful way to conclude the adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Ziplining Adventure:
    • Experience ziplines stretching over 1,200 meters for an exhilarating and memorable adventure.
    • Immerse yourself in the idea of gliding through the air, surrounded by lush, untouched jungles.
  • Scenic Delight at Treetop Café:
    • Admire panoramic vistas from a treetop café, providing a unique perspective of Koh Samui’s natural beauty.
    • Revel in the tranquillity of nature’s embrace while enjoying refreshments amidst the treetops.
  • Exploration of Tan Rua Waterfall:
    • Discover the hidden gem of Koh Samui, the hidden Tan Rua waterfall, showcasing the island’s enchanting landscapes.
    • Embrace the opportunity to explore the beauty of this secluded natural wonder.
  • Guided Adventures with Safety Measures:
    • Learn from attentive guides who prioritise safety, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience.
  • Inclusions in the Package:
    • Complimentary roundtrip transfer from specified areas like Maenam, Bophut, and Chaweng.
    • All safety equipment provided to ensure a secure ziplining experience.
    • Enjoy a soft drink to stay refreshed during the adventure.
    • Accident insurance coverage for added peace of mind.
    • English-speaking guide for clear communication and assistance.
  • Additional Transfer Information:
    • Extra transfer charges apply for specific areas.
    • Extra transfer charge 600 THB/Private Van (Round Trip) : Lamai.
    • Extra charge 1,400 THB/Private Van (Round Trip) : Taling Ngam, Plai Laem, Maret.
    • Another area charges 1,400 THB/Private Van (Round Trip).
    • Not available for hotels located in mountainous regions.
  • Restrictions and Considerations:
    • Participants must be between the ages of 9 and 60 years old to join the activity.
    • Minimum height requirement of 120 cm and a maximum weight limit of 120 kg for participants.
    • Not advisable for individuals above 61 years old, pregnant women, those with back problems, mobility impairments, or acrophobia.
    • Children under eight years old are not permitted on the ride.
  • Booking Information:
    • Child tickets are for those between 9-11 years or less than 130 cm in height, with proof possibly required.
    • The total tour time is around 4 hours, with 2 hours dedicated to playing time.
    • Participants are responsible for ensuring accurate booking details, as any discrepancies may incur additional charges.


This will Koh Samui Zipline will cost you £43.96 (approximately $55).

2. Lamai Viewpoint Zip lining with Panoramic View

Lamai Viewpoint offers an exhilarating zip-lining experience coupled with a cable car ride and breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. This adventure, available through Viator, promises an unforgettable journey through the lush tropical scenery.

Upon arrival at Lamai Viewpoint, participants are likely to be greeted by professional and experienced guides who prioritise safety while ensuring an enjoyable experience.

The zip-lining adventure involves navigating through spectacular scenery with many challenging stations and cables suspended between treetops. This provides a unique perspective of the island’s dense vegetation and captivating terrain.

Cable cars offer a slower-paced, more relaxed exploration of the surroundings, allowing participants to absorb the beauty of the landscape at a leisurely pace. This combination of high-speed zip-lining and a more tranquil cable car ride caters to a diverse range of preferences and comfort levels.

I will admit I have been on this cable car and it is pretty basic, all of the excitement will come on the cable car!

The main highlight of the Lamai Viewpoint is undoubtedly the panoramic views it offers. Perched high above the ground, participants can enjoy sweeping vistas of the island, its coastline, and the azure waters of the Gulf of Thailand. The scenic beauty of the location enhances the overall experience, making it not just a thrill-seeker’s delight but also a visual feast for nature enthusiasts.

Key Takeaways

  • Lamai Viewpoint Zipline Experience:
    • Located atop Mt. Lamai, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the endless blue ocean horizon.
    • Dual 450-meter-long ziplines provide an adrenaline-pumping experience, soaring 80 meters above the lush jungle canopy.
    • Round-trip cable car journey enhances the adventure, taking you to the viewpoint’s peak and back.
  • Natural Attractions:
    • The Valentine Stone, a heart-shaped marvel, and the enchanting Smiling Face Rock offer unique photo opportunities.
    • Positioned near the Hin Ta and Hin Yai rocks, Lamai Viewpoint is conveniently close to Lamai Beach.
  • Funny Fish Spa:
    • Unique spa experience where fish gently nibble at your feet, providing a delightful and refreshing post-adventure relaxation.
  • Convenience and Safety:
    • All safety equipment provided for the zipline experience.
    • Accident insurance included for participants’ peace of mind.
    • An English-speaking guide ensures clear communication throughout the adventure.
    • Full training and safety guide offered to participants.
  • Exclusions:
    • Food and drinks are not provided.
    • No hotel pick up or drop off so you will have to arrange a private transfer or make your own way. 
  • What to Bring:
    • A passport or ID card (copy accepted) is required for participation.
  • Know Before You Go:
    • Child tickets available for ages 6-11 or those less than 130cm in height (proof may be required).
    • Participants must not weigh over 100 kg.
    • Participants above 70 years of age or those who are pregnant or have specific health conditions should carefully consider their participation.
    • Itinerary and timing are approximate and subject to modification without notice to accommodate tide and local weather conditions.


This Koh Samui Tour will cost you £23.27 (approximately $30).

3. ATV And Zipline Experience with Transfer

This tour combines an ATV experience with a Koh Samui zipline providing you with a day full of fun.

The Koh Samui ATV and Zipline Experience with Transfer offered by GetYourGuide provides a unique and exhilarating adventure for travellers seeking a blend of excitement and natural beauty. There are several compelling reasons why this experience stands out and is worth considering.

Firstly, the All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) component of the experience allows participants to explore the stunning landscapes of Koh Samui in a thrilling and adventurous way. Riding an ATV provides a sense of freedom and allows you to access areas that may be challenging to reach on foot. The rugged terrains of Koh Samui offer an exciting backdrop for an ATV adventure, with trails winding through lush jungles and offering panoramic views of the island.

Additionally, the inclusion of a ziplining experience adds an extra layer of excitement to the overall package. Ziplining in the rainforest provides a unique perspective of the island’s natural beauty as participants soar above the treetops. This activity is not only an adrenaline rush but also an opportunity to appreciate Koh Samui’s scenic beauty from a different vantage point.

Moreover, the convenience of the transfer service adds to the appeal of this experience. You can enjoy the adventure without the hassle of organising transportation, ensuring a seamless and stress-free outing.

Furthermore, the Koh Samui ATV and Zipline Experience caters to a wide range of preferences, making it suitable for both adventure enthusiasts and those looking to explore the island’s natural wonders more uniquely.

Key Takeaways

  • Tailored ATV Trails:
    • Conquer the diverse trails of Lipa Noi on ATVs specifically tailored to your experience level. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, the adventure caters to your skill set, ensuring a personalised and enjoyable off-road experience.
  • Aerial Views on Ziplines:
    • Soar above the treetops and immerse yourself in the island’s lush beauty from a breathtaking aerial perspective. The ziplines provide an exhilarating journey, offering 360-degree panoramic views of Koh Samui’s stunning landscapes.
  • Guided Exploration with Local Experts:
    • Learn from expert local guides who not only prioritise your safety with top-notch equipment but also serve as cultural ambassadors. These professionals share captivating stories and insights into the vibrant culture and ecology of Koh Samui, enriching your adventure with a deeper understanding of the tropical paradise.
  • Hassle-Free Pickup and Drop-off:
    • Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free transportation with round-trip transfers from various locations, including Lipanoi, Maenam, Bophut, Chaweng, Choengmon, Lamai, Tongkrut, and Talingngam. The seamless shuttle service ensures a comfortable transition to and from your hotel, maximising the enjoyment of your day.
  • Inclusive Experience with Amenities:
    • The adventure caters to a wide audience, providing amenities such as fresh bottled water and full insurance coverage. However, it’s essential to note certain restrictions for participants, including pregnant women, individuals over 243 lbs (110 kg), and those with mobility impairments.
  • Enriching Memories:
    • As the day’s excitement winds down, the adventure leaves you with a treasure trove of memories. The combination of thrilling activities, cultural insights, and the natural beauty of Koh Samui creates an experience that uplifts your spirit and enriches your mind.


This tour will cost you around £94 (approximately $117)

What Equipment Should You Bring?

To make sure you stay safe and get to remember the full experience there are certain items I would recommend you bring and wear:

  • A GoProTo make sure you capture all of your adventures flying through the trees you NEED a GoPro. Check out my article on a GoPro underwater as it will help you select the correct camera as points cross over from the underwater world and above ground.
  • Long clothes – Recommended to avoid friction burns, but not essential. 
  • Trainers – Sandals or Sliders will not be enough for a zipline.
  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

Final Thoughts – What Koh Samui Zipline Do I Recommend

Now we have seen the 3 best Koh Samui ziplines what package deal would I say is the best?

For me, it is the ATV and zipline experience.

This package allows you to experience both the ATV and the best Koh Samui zipline on the island and therefore grabs my number 1 spot.

For more information about each Koh Samui zipline make sure to follow the links in this article to see what suits you!